Drawbridges Open and Close

Drawbridges Open and Close by Patrick McBriarty is the first book in the PTM Werks Series and reveals the behind-the-scenes, controls, locks, gears, and steps of operating a drawbridge. Beautifully illustrated by Johanna H. Kim, it presents a fanciful world of animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft.

Drawbridges Open and Close introduces Bridge Tender Todd (a fox) and his sidekick Ponticat (a kitty cat). The action begins when Tugboat Captain Josie (a kangaroo) towing a big barge needs the Narrows Drawbridge to open. Bridge Tender Todd and Ponticat respond by following the six steps to safely open the bridge, counting forward to open and backward to close the drawbridge.

Always safe Bridge Tender Todd will not be rushed, while he checks and double checks the bridge to ensure everyone is safe. However, the impatient Terry Turtle in his sports car is stuck waiting for the boats to pass. Will he ever get across? Find out in this wonderful book sure to become a favorite, especially with little engineers and bridge builders of tomorrow.

Kids enjoy reading this book over and over again with its fanciful illustrations and various animal characters, vehicles, and watercraft that take turns crossing over and passing through the Narrows Drawbridge of the busy town. Drawbridges Open and Close makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion to share with your little one! Ask for it at your local library and bookseller.

Drawbridges Open and Close (Oct. 2014) is published by CurlyQ Press, an imprint of Applewood Books, and distributed by Ingram (IPS) and Baker & Taylor and available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com. Besides the New York, Chicago, L.A. County, Seattle, and Dallas Public Libraries (and many more!) you can also find it at the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum in the the Michigan Avenue Bridge!

“Yes, we will definitely purchase a few of each of the three books in an upcoming order and will add them to our collection in various locations. As you probably know, transportation – especially the ‘why’ and ‘how’ – are endlessly fascinating to young readers and we are happy to make these books available to them.” — a Children’s Book Evaluator ​at a TOP TEN U.S. Public Library System

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