DVD - Chicago Drawbridges

A companion to the book, the PBS documentary Chicago Drawbridges chronicles the importance of the bridges in the making of the Windy City, from the very first wood footbridge, built by a tavern owner in 1832, to today’s iconic structures spanning the Chicago River. Entertaining, informative, and engaging the 57-minute film was directed by Chicago filmmaker Stephen Hatch and narrated by Patrick McBriarty, aired on Chicago and Milwaukee Public Television, and was screened in Park City, Utah during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Watch this film and you will never look at a bridge the same way.

Trailer for Chicago Drawbridges

This program tells the story of Chicago’s development through its bridges and is based on the book Chicago River Bridges. It tells the story of how Chicago became the Drawbridge Capital of the World through stories and interviews of multiple experts including:

Grant Crowley – Owner, Crowley’s Yacht Yard
Vasile M. Jurca, P.E. – CDOT Engineer
Ozana Balan-King – Museum Director, McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum
Michael Latham – Professor of music & film studies
Dennis McClendon – Chicago CartoGraphics
James S. Phillips, P.E. (ret.)
David M. Solzman, Ph.D. – Professor, geographer, & author
Brian Steele – Director of Communications for CDOT (2001-2011)
Betsy Steinberg – Managing Director of the Illinois Film Office

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