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Hello… Effective Covid Treatments Do Exist

October 23rd, 2021 - By Patrick T. McBriarty

I contracted Covid in March of 2020.  I was never hospitalized but I experienced four weeks of fatigue, difficulty breathing, tightness in my chest, malaise, exhaustion, brain fog, and a complete loss of productivity.

I am a 57-year-old writer and athlete.  Feeling better, I got back on my road bike and four weeks later had logged 520-miles.  Then BAMM!  With no warning—on May 15, 2020—Covid returned and laid me out.  Month after month I struggled to manage life’s basics, occasionally able to accomplish some half-days of work.  Now 19-months later I am hopefully experiencing the tail-end of the debilitating long-Covid symptoms.

Throughout this time, I stayed abreast of the news, science, and medicine around Covid.  As my education grew I became increasingly frustrated and appalled by public health officials.  Particularly disconcerting on Thursday, the NIH admitted Dr. Fauci lied to Congress and the NIH did fund the Wuhan Laboratory in China to conduct gain-of-function research on coronaviruses.  Like one-trick ponies he and other health “authorities” seemed bent on promoting just one solution while the media simply follows along.  Few are asking any tough questions and those that do are shamed or canceled out.

The vaccines have been revolutionary—but they have not stopped the pandemic.  Less than half of the world’s population has received one or more doses of the vaccine.  In an age of global travel and inter-connectivity this is no way to eradicate a virus like Covid-19.  Pushing only vaccines with a world on fire with Covid is like handing out smoke detectors to stop an inferno.

The general public has been treated like Cold War school children and told to crawl under our desks (stay at home) and cover our heads (wash hands and wear masks).   As if such measures can protect us in a nuclear attack (or say a highly-contagious respiratory virus).

Prevention alone will not get us back to normalcy, particularly as new variants make vaccines less and less effective.  We must take a smarter multi-pronged approach to both treat and prevent Covid-19 by truly following the science.

In January 2021 a friend of a friend offered some relief suggesting a prescription drug I had never heard of.  Suspicious having seen nothing in the news, I spent days researching it.  The drug looked promising as many front-line clinical doctors in various countries were reporting success using what I soon learned was a safe, oral, generic drug as part of a nutraceutical treatment protocol for Covid-19 for all stages of the disease.

This safe, FDA approved, Noble Prize-winning discovery was distributed by Merck in the 1970s for veterinary use.  In the 1980s the drug was approved for human use under the brand name Stromectol.  In 1996 Merck’s patent on Stromectol expired and worldwide this highly effective anti-parasitic and anti-viral generic version of the drug called Ivermectin gained even wider use and is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines.  With the pandemic more and more medical research revealed effective off-the-shelf medicines to treat SARS-CoV-2.  This has led to treatment protocols for Covid-19 that have helped save millions around the world.

Thanks to front-line doctors applying clinical judgement and empirical evidence to try off-the-shelf medicines I am no longer suffering from fatigue, brain fog, malaise, and low energy.  Now feeling about 95% recovered I continue to improve as have millions using these treatments worldwide.

In the meantime, health officials, the mainstream press, and social media continue to abuse anyone promoting off-the-shelf treatments for Covid.  To ask why is to wade into a morass of inference and conjecture.  The full truth has yet to come out.  My hope is for more people to learn effective Covid treatments do exist.  Ideally no one is left alone untreated and forced to suffer or die from this disease when help is available.  And maybe together we can help turn the tide.

The world is a house on fire.  We must demand honest, in-depth reporting to promote Covid treatments to end this pandemic and insist public health officials stop lying, obscuring facts, and treating the public like children.



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